Hotels reservation system explained

Informations/Faq: How our hotel reservation system works?
Hotels reservation system Explained

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After your confirmation
Once you have sent your credit card details, you can rest assured that your booking is in safe hands. This is how it works:
A fax is sent to the hotel: When we receive your credit card infos, instantly a confirmation fax is sent to your requested hotel straight away. The hotel receives this fax, and then input the details you provided into their system.
A confirmation email is sent to you: While the fax is being sent, a confirmation email is whizzing its way through the electronic highway straight into your email inbox. You will receive this email within 24 hrs max of your confirmation. Your confirmation email will contain your booking reference number, booking details (room details, dates of stay, room rates, etc), hotel details including telephone number and address, details of how to cancel or amend your booking and details of how to contact us for any reason.

What now?
You simply arrive at the hotel on your arrival date to check in. When checking in, simply tell them your details such as your name, and that you booked through (you could bring along the email we sent but this is not essential). You will be asked how you would like to pay - normally, an imprint of your credit card will be taken to cover any incidental expenses, and then you can agree to pay at the end of your stay using the credit card or with cash. At the end of your stay, you will receive an invoice, from hotel directly, in your name for your own records.
    "Thank you.....
your service so far is the best I have experienced!
And I know I can rely on you to impress my wife with the bedroom allocated to us".
Dermot from Ennis (Irland)
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